Our vision
Strategy, creativity, technology... a family of innovative services that make ambitious dreams real.

Our mission
Continuously develop and apply our strategic, creative and technology knowledge to innovate services that enable our valued customers to achieve their goals, and in so doing, provide a fulfilling and rewarding experience for the members of our ETSZONE community.

Advocacy and marketing have moved to the web and information technology has moved to the Internet.  Companies who recognize this, who want to advance themselves, are ready for what ETSZONE has to offers.  ETSZONE architects, builds and manages web strategies and business technologies.  Its business units include the Internet Systems Group, the Web Influence Group and Consulting Practices.  Its customers include small businesses, large corporations, non-profit organizations, medical offices, professional business services and political campaigns.

ETSZONE was formed in 2004 by John Stautner.  Prior to founding ETSZONE, John served as VP and CTO at Hewlett-Packard and Compaq Computer Corporation, where he focused on new markets, technology and business development.  John earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees at MIT.

Kim Stautner joined as managing partner of ETSZONE in 2006 with responsibility for financial management and operations.  Kim brought operational leadership through her experience leading and organizing non-profit organizations as well as raising three children. ETSZONE also has an exceptional team of professionals including employees, consultants, bloggers and interns completely dedicated to our customers.

ETSZONE's Internet Systems Group provides customized Information Technology (IT) Services, Web Development and Communications Technologies Services.  The ISG team combines technology expertise with experience from multiple disciplines and businesses to deliver Internet-based designs and solutions for productivity, efficiency and cost-effective operations and for enabling new markets.  ETSZONE offers a dedicated team of IT, networking and web technology professionals, combined with highly responsive help desk, technical support and issue escalation process, to companies and organizations who see and value the strategic importance of information technology to their missions today.

The Web Influence Group is dedicated to shaping thought and action using the world wide web. Client objectives are addressed through the design of strategic narratives, web design, content and community development and performance metrics.  WIG resources specialize in narrative development and organization, psychology, research, composition, writing and style, content management and editing, video and graphic editing as well as tactics for visibility and relevance on the web and crossing to mainstream media.  The WIG resource community includes subject experts and influencers who offer knowledge and depth in politics, law, environment, energy, labor ethics, risk science, public health and other topics.  An engagement with ETSZONE starts with the client's strategy and may utilize existing ETSZONE venues or the development of new ones for client influence.