Introducing our Internet Systems Group

How should one segment when organizing an Internet company?  ETSZONE's answer spans professional services, technologies, growth markets and operations. It also includes best practices, research and development.  Let's get to business by describing our Internet Systems Group (ISG).

An ISG customer engagement starts with a business customer who has a clear business mission and knows that Internet technologies and strategies are vital to its fulfillment.  The customer knows that one of their most important business objectives is to focus on growing and managing the business and that to do that the company needs professional, competent and ongoing help with their technologies.  ETSZONE then learns about the customer's business and operations and designs the services and solutions that help the firm achieve its mission.  Services provided by ISG are specific to each customer and comprise a customized portfolio including systems management services, business application services and managed communication services.

Being in business means using communication tools, software and web applications, or more broadly, the “Internet”.  Exploiting these technologies effectively is a source of competitive advantage.  Some businesses and industries have embraced this fully and have already driven many cycles of innovation using the Internet.  A great example is retail commerce on the web.  Other businesses and industries have been slow to accept or adapt to what's coming.  Business owners and leaders in ETSZONE growth markets are either in the first category or somewhere between these two categories.  They already realize, or are in the process of realizing, that they need an Internet strategy and that they need to continuously maintain, update and revise their strategies and operations in order to remain competitive or lead in their markets.  We formed the ETSZONE Internet Systems Group to serve our customers in this regard.

The ETSZONE ISG mission is to deploy, support, maintain and optimize the Internet technologies that
are vital to the operations of a business and to instill superior practices for their effective, competitive
and differentiated use.

These technologies and practices comprise everything businesses do to process data,  communicate, collaborate and transact over networks and the Internet.  Examples of the technologies and practices managed by ETSZONE ISG include:

  • help desk and technical support
  • email and groupware
  • business applications
  • broadband Internet
  • business continuity
  • monitoring
  • provider and vendor management
  • IP (Internet Protocol) networks
  • telephony and voice over IP (VoIP)
  • servers, personal computers and mobile handhelds
  • data center services
  • data archiving and storage
  • acceptable use policies
  • security policies
  • technology road map

Ernesto Ongaro is the Manager of our Internet Systems Group.  Ernesto came to ETSZONE with extensive technology experience and knowledge and brings a focus on insight, responsiveness and customer satisfaction that demonstrates the ETSZONE service model.  He leads the practices, resources, and customer commitments comprising the Internet Systems Group with a fulfillment strategy that includes consulting, professional and managed services.

ISG provides its services to customers nationwide.  By using Internet management techniques and data center based services, and with a concentration of expert resources and skills in information and communication technologies, ISG provides superior customer satisfaction throughout the U.S.  Our services are managed from ETSZONE network operations using the Internet.  Customers tell us that ETSZONE is the first provider, after trying several, to produce satisfaction for them.  They appreciate the effectiveness and responsiveness of our Internet fulfillment model.  We develop close relationships with them as their technology provider and “IT department” and we visit with them for strategy, planning and relationship development.

When specific work is needed at a customer site, ISG's service delivery model includes geographically local resources in the ETSZONE Network who can provide “hands-on” support.  This might be required for a complex deployment or a move to a new office or facility.  Last year ETSZONE moved a customer in the Northeastern U.S. to a new office in another town.  We kept their mission-critical customer support staff online and available so they could serve their customers during the transition -- even while the move was underway.  Their contact center voice services and business applications were continuously available for their sales and support staff throughout the move.  This was possible because of the flexibility of ETSZONE Internet Systems technologies and standards, the expertise of our service management staff, and the excellent support from our geographic resources.

We will have more about ETSZONE ISG and its services and will also introduce additional ETSZONE business groups and market segments in future posts.

Contact ETSZONE to learn more about Internet Systems strategies, technologies and practices for your business.