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Introducing our Internet Systems Group

How should one segment when organizing an Internet company?  ETSZONE's answer spans professional services, technologies, growth markets and operations. It also includes best practices, research and development.  Let's get to business by describing our Internet Systems Group (ISG).

An ISG customer engagement starts with a business customer who has a clear business mission and knows that Internet technologies and strategies are vital to its fulfillment.  The customer knows that one of their most important business objectives is to focus on growing and managing the business and that to do that the company needs professional, competent and ongoing help with their technologies.  ETSZONE then learns about the customer's business and operations and designs the services and solutions that help the firm achieve its mission.  Services provided by ISG are specific to each customer and comprise a customized portfolio including systems management services, business application services and managed communication services.  Read More »

What does ETSZONE do?

Recently after an evening spinning workout at the gym someone in the class asked me "so what exactly does your company do"? After looking at my watch and thinking for a moment (better summarize it or I'll be running late...) I blurted out that "we apply technology to solve business problems". Mmmm... that sounds pretty good for only seven words and it even answered the question!  Read More »