Simple Steps to Prevent Online Phishing

Here at the ETSZONE network operating center (NOC) and helpdesk we get various alerts and questions every day about "phishing" sites. Phishing is when a web-site attempts to steal sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card information.

We've put together some easy steps to prevent online fraud and phishing:

1. Do not follow Links!
  • When you need to log into an online service, avoid following links on webpages or e-mails - use the address bar instead and type out the address like
2. Make sure that you are on the correct page by verifying what is in the address bar.
  • It is very simple to create a page that looks like another page. It is a lot more difficult to forge the URL.
  • A site can have but be careful because could be a Phishinng/scam site
3. Use SSL (secure sites)
  • If a website has http:// in front of it, it is insecure - your login could be captured
  • If a website has https:// in front of it, it is likely secure
  • Modern browsers will tell you when a page is secure. Look for these signs:
    IE Security Settings

    IE Security Settings

4. Up-to-Date Anti-Virus
  • Is your anti-virus subscription up to date?
  • Does your anti-virus have a web protection filter?
5. And when in doubt...
  • Don't click or log on to anything, just give your ETSZONE helpdesk a call and we'll check it out for you!