What does ETSZONE do?

Recently after an evening spinning workout at the gym someone in the class asked me "so what exactly does your company do"? After looking at my watch and thinking for a moment (better summarize it or I'll be running late...) I blurted out that "we apply technology to solve business problems". Mmmm... that sounds pretty good for only seven words and it even answered the question!

With some more thought this seven word summary might lead to a good description. "Technology for business", those three words must stay. "Services" is how we produce value for our customers. OK, "technology services for business", that's central to the ETSZONE theme. Now I need to find three more words...

Some words that come to mind are "information", "communications" and "marketing". Using these, a summary might be "information, communications and marketing technology services for business". Oops, too many words. It's time to think about fundamentals. Where are these technologies headed?

Information technology is moving to the Internet. Communications technology is moving to Internet Protocol (IP). Marketing is moving to influencing thought and action using the web and social media. "Advanced" technology developments in all these areas are applicable today to developing and maintaining business and market leadership. Most importantly, "engagement" and "influence" on the web are now rivaling or replacing one-way marketing and media strategies.

Now we can apply these terms to complete a summary for ETSZONE: "Advanced" for how we use the Internet, IP, web and social media "Technologies"; "Services" for how we produce high value for our customers; "for Business" is why... to support business missions and operations, including operating continuously, safely, nimbly, collaboratively, cost-effectively and ready to take advantage of new opportunities where and when they arise; "and Influence", which is how businesses and organizations must engage and embrace their customers, prospects and constituents on the web today.

That's it! A seven word description for ETSZONE: Advanced technology services for business and influence.