The ETSZONE Network

What makes ETSZONE work is a network comprised of highly qualified people, infrastructure and service providers.


The ETSZONE resource network includes the core staff who manage operations and projects, provide support and services to ETSZONE customers nationwide and develop and maintain the ETSZONE business and technology road map.  In addition to their subject matter expertise in multiple ETSZONE services and technologies, the core staff is also responsible for organizing and coordinating the entire ETSZONE resource network to provide customer-focused managed, professional and consulting technology services.

The ETSZONE resource network includes individuals and organizations who fulfill one or more of these roles:

  • core staff
  • regional professional service providers
  • subject matter experts
  • interns
  • advisors
  • thought leaders


The ETSZONE infrastructure includes virtualized computing resources located in geographically distributed, highly available and secure data centers.  These resources are used for hosting business applications and Internet protocol (IP) communications services.  ETSZONE operations management infrastructure includes open source applications for collaboration, work flow management, service monitoring and IP communications.

Service Providers

ETSZONE utilizes leading service providers within its service offers.  The functions offered by ETSZONE service provider partners include IP communications to public switched telephone network (PSTN) services, email services, Internet and data connectivity services, hardware sourcing services and other services.  ETSZONE service providers form a vital part of the ETSZONE network.