The ETSZONE business philosophy is based on these principles:

  • Ultimately, offering customer-focused services is a requirement for sustaining business value. Producing and sustaining superior services will produce and sustain superior business value.
  • Internet technology leadership is a strategic requirement for business leadership and value production. Information Technology (IT) is moving to the Internet, Communications is moving to Internet Protocal (IP), Marketing and Influence is moving to the Web, and all technologies are continually being replaced or made obsolete by newer technologies. Business professionals, whether in small companies or large organizations, need continual foresight, guidance, strategies and help from a trusted and valued technology services partner so that they can continually compete, survive and thrive.
  • New strategies, opportunities and capabilities are available to individuals and groups because of pervasive computing, Internet and web technologies.  Advanced technologies offer the power to enable, shape, expand and create new opportunities and business models.  They can be applied to conduct current business better and more efficiently. They can also introduce new competitive threats.  Technology services must be designed pragmatically and purposefully to address all these dimensions of business. They must always be highly relevant to specific business missions and have a goal to produce specific business results and high value.
  • Internet technologies allow people to form groups and collaborate to compete without traditional restrictions of location, space, time, organizational boundaries or roles, whether customer, provider or supplier.  This means that competing in business requires new knowledge and skills to organize and govern collective action in absence of traditional boundaries.  Effective and competitive business strategies for high value production must increasingly draw inspiration from the fundamental social sciences that explain how and why people cooperate, coordinate and collaborate with each other.