Consulting, Collaboration Designs, and Special Projects

consulting services and special projectsETSZONE offers consulting services to analyze your business objectives and processes and determine how a technology strategy can improve productivity, reduce costs, save time and resources or create business and performance breakthroughs. ETSZONE offers project management from strategic design and implementation to customer care and support for businesses to grow and achieve their missions.  ETSZONE technology strategies are designed to deliver measureable results, to gain insights and knowledge about business operations, and to enable acting on that knowledge to produce valuable business outcomes.

The ETSZONE Collaborative Business Accelerator is a consulting practice that applies advanced knowledge and technologies of collaboration to achieve specific business objectives or innovations.  The practice draws on the latest research on cooperation and collaboration and implements a specialized process for designing and managing networked, collaborative work groups with a shared business or production objective.  Program components include:

  • customized design for desired outcomes and time frames
  • organization and set-up of knowledge environment and processes
  • support for multi-company work groups and extended communities
  • measurable results and reporting

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Blog posts about Consulting, Collaboration Designs, and Special Projects

Installing ERP: Learn from Mistakes of Others - It's Cheaper


I have made just about every mistake in installing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software and systems, but I do some research from time to time to see if anyone has invented a new installation mistake so I can avoid it.  Mistakes are costly, but the most costly mistakes are those where you learn nothing.

So far the same four fundamental mistakes keep showing up and each confirms what I learned from my ERP mistakes. They may be characterized a bit differently in each article and some articles rank the causes by frequency of failures. The common thread to all of them, no matter what the rank, is that FAILURE and the seeds of failure are sown at the beginning of the project – they just show up at the later.  Read More »

Preparing for a New Economy - How to Restructure Successfully

Welcome to the New Economy!  Although at times the current environment might seem daunting for a business owner, executive or professional, now is the time to take action and look at ways to restructure the company to be ready for exciting and prosperous times to come.  Business leaders cannot sit back waiting for a bad economy to get better.  Cutting expenses and downsizing only go so far.  Can management take advantage of this opportunity to move ahead of the competition with new business, technology and marketing strategies?  Are you and your workforce ready to collaborate to embrace the advanced technologies and new practices that can dramatically and positively affect how you operate, market and grow your business?  Read More »

Defining ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning Principles, Strategies, Practices and Technology

Most large companies have integrated software applications that are generically referred to as ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning systems.  ERP strategy addresses tying together a company’s different business systems and workflow processes to gain business intelligence, improve workflow, gain greater control and reduce costs.  In fact, all businesses have and use "ERP" solutions, whether they realize it or not.  The fundamental principles for designing and implementing ERP systems, and their specific strategies, objectives, practices and technologies, including workflow automation, are app  Read More »