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influence strategiesIn recent years the world has witnessed the evolution of the Internet from a "read only" medium to a more sophisticated space for participation, collaboration and sharing.  This phenomenon, often referred to as social media or the social web and other terms, offers a fundamental shift in the way that internet technologies are used, creating a new and more relevant way for businesses to engage and interact with their constituents.

The ETSZONE Influence Platform™ is a customized program and strategy that allows clients to engage, observe, and influence their world, consistent with their business strategies. The Influence Platform utilizes the web and social technologies to shape discourses and engage participants for specific initiatives or for broader strategic subject categories.

The ETSZONE Influence Platform encompasses the design of business narratives, web platform strategies, project management, analysis and monitoring.  ETSZONE project practices are aimed at designing and supporting client strategies to articulate and assert a point of view.  These practices include:  developing and managing collaborative organizations of subject experts, designing and executing the content strategy, engaging target constituents, reporting specific results and offering insight and foresight about relevant patterns and trends.

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