Preparing for a New Economy - How to Restructure Successfully

Welcome to the New Economy!  Although at times the current environment might seem daunting for a business owner, executive or professional, now is the time to take action and look at ways to restructure the company to be ready for exciting and prosperous times to come.  Business leaders cannot sit back waiting for a bad economy to get better.  Cutting expenses and downsizing only go so far.  Can management take advantage of this opportunity to move ahead of the competition with new business, technology and marketing strategies?  Are you and your workforce ready to collaborate to embrace the advanced technologies and new practices that can dramatically and positively affect how you operate, market and grow your business?  Read More »

What does ETSZONE do?

Recently after an evening spinning workout at the gym someone in the class asked me "so what exactly does your company do"? After looking at my watch and thinking for a moment (better summarize it or I'll be running late...) I blurted out that "we apply technology to solve business problems". Mmmm... that sounds pretty good for only seven words and it even answered the question!  Read More »