John Stautner



John Stautner is Founder and CEO of ETSZONE, a professional services company specializing in architecting, building and managing web influence strategies and communications and information technology systems for business. 

Mr. Stautner formed ETSZONE in 2004 after observing the emerging demand and opportunity for small businesses to take advantage of communications and technology solutions based on Internet protocol and open source technologies.  This led to the company's “Internet Systems” portfolio of services, including managed voice, IT systems management and business applications services, with customers including small and medium sized businesses in various geographic locations under ETSZONE's managed services care.

During the course of ETSZONE's development, Mr. Stautner recognized the opportunity to assist businesses and organizations of all sizes take advantage of web publishing and social networking technologies.  He developed the company's approach to “web influence strategies” and their application to specialized and targeted strategic communications requirements. 

The company's web influence strategies have since been successfully applied in litigation support, public policy advocacy, industry advocacy and targeted marketing uses.  Among its blogs and websites, the company has built and runs one of the largest and most influential political blogs for Texas and the nation.  The company also built and runs, the leading blog focusing on sustainable workforce, social responsibility and ethical practices for the construction industry.  

With focus on the vocational skills gap and the skilled workforce crisis in Texas and the U.S., the company created a web-based talent management software solution to support development of a high performance skilled workforce.  ETSZONE CareerTracker enables companies to establish their required skills for specific crafts and trades while providing employees a career progression path with classes, on-the-job training and evaluations.  The solution facilitates optimal field deployment of workforce skills while also bridging communications between human resources, workforce development and operations departments.

Prior to forming ETSZONE, Mr. Stautner served as Vice President at Hewlett Packard's Office of Strategy and Technology after the firm acquired Compaq Computer Corporation.  Mr. Stautner joined Compaq Computer Corporation in 1995 where he led the Internet Services Division, served as CTO and Vice President of the Consumer Group,  the Access Business Group, and also led the Internet Services Division.

Mr. Stautner's background includes executive positions at several technology start-ups. He was on the International committee to standardize the MP3 audio algorithm (MPEG Level 3) and headed the subcommittee that prompted its solution.   John P. Stautner holds Bachelors of Physics and Masters of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from M.I.T. in Cambridge, Massachusetts where he pioneered interdisciplinary studies in digital media and technology.  He is a thought leader in the technology of cooperation for business and is a participant in discourses relevant to this topic, including participation in the Institute for the Future's Literacy of Cooperation program and involvement with Howard Rheingold, noted digerati and one of the original members of “the Well”.  He is also a mentor to some Texas' brightest young minds, providing gifted students and young adults opportunities to work and innovate in open source technology, software and business development.